• Set up a profile for a business with more than one location, branch, or professional.

Important: This configuration requires the Marketer or Agency plan. This will give you the option to build a multi-profile funnel. If you’d like to switch over an existing account, get in touch.

To begin setting up a multi-location funnel, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile. To convert to a multi-location landing page, click the Add Profiles button.

Confirm your choice and the page will convert into a multi-location profile. Each link button now represents another unique landing page (each corresponding to an individual business location or professional).

new multi landing page

Add a new location/landing page by clicking the Add a Profile button.

review profiles w button

Give your new profile a name and a unique shortname (note that you can copy the setup from another subpage by selecting it from the list that appears under Copy content from another page?).

add a profile

On the top-level profile, you now have access to a new group of settings under each tab.

The Links tab has become the place where you manage all of your different location links. You can re-order, edit, show/hide, and delete them in Links > Review Profiles. You can select what type of multi-location landing page you’d like to use from the Page type dropdown menu.

The Content tab allows you to change the messaging on the multi-location landing page.

Changes made in the Setup tab will affect all subpages.

To edit any individual location’s profile (these profiles function nearly identically to a single-location landing page), simply click the Pencil (pencil) icon next to its entry in Links. You’ll be taken to a new dashboard, which functions nearly identically to the single-location dashboard.

this profile

The Setup tab has become This Profile, and its settings have been simplified. Note that if you are using the Page Images button layout on your main landing page, you’d load in the image for each business in this panel.

profile settings

Note that to revert back to a single-location funnel, you must delete all additional profiles, until there is only one remaining. Then you can click the Revert to Single Profile button that appears in Links > Your Profile.

review profiles w revert