If you use a service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, SendGrid, or similar to manage and send customer emails, they will typically provide you with an embeddable HTML-based opt-in form that allows customers/visitors to sign up for your list.

Because these forms are HTML-based, you can place them anywhere on your landing page that accepts HTML. A few ideas for where you might place this:

  • Upon loading the page (go to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Beyond Reviews, check the Prompt visitors to connect box, select the Custom pop-up button, then paste your HTML.
  • After submitting a positive review (Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Message to Visitors > More, then paste your HTML in the Review “Thank you” message source code
  • In place of an ‘Attached Offer’, as a static item below your review site links and funnel (Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Attach an Offer, check Show an offer on your page, then paste your HTML in the source code.
  • In the main text of your landing page (Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Message to Visitors)

For any of these options, make sure to paste the HTML in the source code, not the main text box (click the “<>” button to access the source code)




mailchimp form on open
A MailChimp signup form configured to appear on page open