• Edit the monthly text message limit at Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text after completing setup
  • The default monthly text message limit is 200
  • The maximum monthly limit is 2000. Beyond that, please get in touch
  • Change only applies to the active profile

Note: The text message limit does not impact your billing with us. All text message packages include 200 messages for a flat cost and charge a per-message fee beyond that, regardless of the limit you’ve set.

After setting up text messaging for a profile, it’s easy to set a limit for how many texts the profile can send each month. Simply go to Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text.

Phone-Text tab May 2017 Under the Text Message Template, click the number next to Text message limit:

txt template 200 hlt

Set the limit to whatever you’d like, up to a maximum of 2000.

edit text limit

Click anywhere outside of the text box to save your changes.