Adding multiple business locations at once is easy. Just follow the instructions below.

 Before Uploading

1) First, ensure that your account’s profile limit can accommodate the number of locations that you are trying to upload. Failure to do so will result in a failed upload.

2) Next, create a CSV with the following headers in row 1 (column in parentheses):

  • shortname (A): Your desired URL shortname for the business location (e.g. atlanta). Note that the shortname will be the displayed location name (i.e. it will appear on the location button or map bubble), and will follow a few rules:
    • Dashes in the shortname will create a space in the final display.
    • The first letter of each section of the shortname (separated by a dash) will be capitalized in the final display.
    • For example, the shortname “atlanta” will become “Atlanta”. “san-jose” will become San Jose.
  • name (B): The business location name. This should correspond to the name of the business as it is likely to appear in review site listings you would like to use (e.g. Peachtree Mortgage – Atlanta Office)
  • postal_code (C): The postal code for the business location (e.g. 90210)
  • phone_number (D): The phone number for the business location (e.g. 212-867-5309)

After creating your headers, add in the corresponding information for each location for which you’d like to create a profile.

3) In the dashboard, click Add a Business and create a new profile with your desired business/company name. With the new profile active, click Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile > Add Profiles. This will convert the profile to a multi-profile funnel.

add profiles



Make sure that you will be able to attend to the upload process uninterrupted. When uploading several hundred locations, this can take 20 minutes or more as you must confirm listings for each location in succession.

4) Once the profile is converted, click Upload CSV. Follow the prompts to upload your file.



5) The platform will run through the Connect a Location process for each business location. Confirm your listings for each location.

connect a location select listings window

When you’re done, you’ll have a populated multi-profile funnel with major review site links for all uploaded locations.

Multi-profile funnel with the ‘Map’ layout option selected