Note: The WordPress plugin requires an API key, which is available only to Agency-level users.

The WordPress plugin can be completely white-labeled, but it requires one or two steps, depending on your use:

Standard: White-labeled Configuration

If you manage your client’s website or plugins, this level of white-labeling is all you need: It affects the “powered by” links and the settings UI inside WordPress, but it does not remove our brand from the plugin publisher info (see below).

Simply install (or update to) the latest version of the “Review Stream” WordPress plugin inside WordPress, as you would any other plugin, and you’ll find that it places a config-sample.php file in /wp-content/uploads/reviewstream-settings. Modify this file with your own brand and domain, rename it config.php, and you’re done! You will continue to get alerts inside WordPress when we release new versions of the plugin, and updating will not overwrite your white-label settings.

Advanced: White-labeled Publisher Info

If you want to change the publisher info on the plugin itself (typically exposed in the “Plugins” panel of the WordPress admin), you’ll need to create your own version of the plugin where you replace this info in the main plugin file. (It’s in the comments at the top of the reviewstream.php file.) Once you do so, however, the plugin code is yours to maintain–it will not automatically receive updates from us, and if you do update it from our latest, this reviewstream.php file will be overwritten.

It is infeasible for us to maintain an unbranded distribution of the Review Stream WP plugin on, which requires publisher info. If you need the advanced level of white-labeling described above, you should be comfortable maintaining your own distribution or manually updating the plugin as needed.

To facilitate, we’ve made available for direct download here the latest version of the WordPress plugin files with our publisher info already removed: reviewstream-v1.5.3