See also: Video – How to upload a CSV of client emails

  • Upload multiple recipients into your automated email drip campaign using a CSV file
  • Upload multiple recipients to multiple locations all from one CSV using ‘shortname’

Once you’ve created your CSV file, navigate to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients.

In the top right corner, click ‘Upload CSV’.

Browse to your file, then click Upload.

You will be given the opportunity to make any last-minute edits. When you’re done, click Upload again.

scdp upload w red box



The entries will then appear on the Pending Recipients list. Once the recipients have been moved to the Active Recipients list, the campaign will automatically send out the first campaign email – no further intervention is required.

recipients list


Note that there is a hard limit of 5,000 pending recipients at any given time. The system will prevent any upload that brings your total above that limit.