Note: We cannot guarantee continued support for this method or that it will work consistently across all mobile devices. If you encounter device-specific issues, please consider consulting Facebook’s Help Community.


A default Facebook link will open up a mobile version of the Facebook business page in-browser on the visitor’s mobile device. Be sure that this link is stripped of any identifiers “?ref=”, otherwise it will present an error to the mobile user.

Default Facebook mobile presentation

As long as the user is logged into Facebook in their browser, they will easily be able to access the review writing dialogue.

Launching your Facebook page in the Facebook app

If you’d like to launch the business page in the Facebook app for mobile users, you can set up a mobile-specific link for your Facebook URL that only displays to mobile users. Simply add the following URL in the Add a link Dialogue:

fb://page/123456789012345 (for Android)
fb://page/?id=123456789012345 (for iOS)

The user will be able to access the ‘Write a Review’ dialogue by scrolling down.

Replace the above (typically) 15-digit number with your Facebook page’s unique page ID. If you do not know your page’s ID, you can use this tool to find it.

While it does not put the user directly on the ‘Reviews’ page (they must scroll down to access the dialog), the advantage to this method is twofold:

  • If the user has the (widely adopted) Facebook app installed on their phone, they will already be logged in.
  • If the user does not have the app installed, the link will open in their browser (iOS only – Android OSes may behave differently).
Reviewing from the Facebook app
From the Facebook app, the visitor will be able to access the ‘Write a Review’ dialogue by scrolling down