Requires: a customer survey hosted on a third-party site or an existing HTML-based survey form

  • Use a direct link layout
  • Use the ‘custom link’ button to connect to an outside survey form
  • If you still want to ask happy customers for reviews, use a segmenting layout and add a custom contact form for unhappy customers
  • Use automated email campaigns, email signatures, and your own materials to drive traffic
  • Attach an offer as an incentive to visit your landing page

Using you landing page as a portal to collect detailed customer feedback is a less-common but still effective use case for our platform.

1. Keep the default ‘Direct Link’ layout for your page

If you only want to collect feedback and not reviews on third-party sites, you do not need to use a segmenting layout. The direct link layout will allow your visitors a quick and direct way to access your survey. However, if you want to give visitors the option to leave reviews on third-party sites, you can keep a segmenting layout and present the survey as an option among them.

2. Create a custom link to your survey form

Link out to your survey form by creating a custom link button on your landing page. To create a custom link, add a review site link normally by clicking the Add a Link button in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links and select the Custom Link option located at the bottom of the review site link list.

other links in context custom link hlt


Optionally, you can highlight your custom link by dragging it into the blue box in your links list.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.45.26 PM


buttons with survey hlt


3. Alternate: Collect detailed feedback from unhappy customers

If you only want to collect detailed feedback from unhappy customers, you can use our ‘Custom contact form’ feature to upload an HTML-based form of your choosing. Whenever a customer identifies themselves as ‘unhappy’, they’ll be presented with this form instead of our default contact form.

Note that if you are using the ‘stars’ or ‘hearts’ layout, you can change the ratings threshold that displays the contact form (the default is 3 stars or less). With this flexibility, you can have the contact form appear to every visitor, regardless of the rating that they click on (select the “don’t segment” option in Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Interaction Design > ‘Segment Happy Customers‘. Visitor clicks will still be recorded in the ‘stats’ tab, providing you additional insight into your customers’ experience).

4. Optional: Attach an offer to encourage survey participation

The Attach an Offer feature can be useful for driving people to your landing page. You can employ this flexible feature in several ways:

  • With any of the above configurations, as an unconditional ‘thank you’ to anybody who visits your page
  • As a stand-alone link-out to an externally hosted survey with reward/incentive – simply present the link in the offer text

To attach an offer to your page, go to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Attach an Offer and toggle the ‘Show an offer on your page?’ box on.