Note: This feature will only become visible after you have setup your email campaign.


Yes – you can find our opt-in form at Dashboard > Invites > Invites & Opt-in > Opt-in.

This form also lives on its own URL – simply append your landing page URL with “/optin.”

For example, if your landing page URL is:

Your opt-in URL would be:

Load this URL on a dedicated kiosk at the point of sale to collect customer emails on the spot – and automatically add them to your email drip campaign or SMS campaign sequence (they’ll be placed directly on the Active Recipients list, bypassing the Pending list).

A customized Opt-in Form

Customizing the Opt-in Form

On the left side of the screen, you’ll find several options for customizing the form:

  • Header/Title: Change the large text at the top of the form
  • Body Text/HTML: Change the small text below the header text. This field accepts HTML.
  • Call-to-Action: Change what the Submit button says. The default text is Send Me a Request.
  • Custom CSS: change the look and feel of the Opt-in Form using CSS styling

Opt-in Form Customize Options