We provide a number of custom placeholders that you can use to input custom information specific to your profile or individual recipients.

Available placeholders

  • [[first_name]] will display the recipient’s first name as entered when uploaded
  • [[last_name]] will display the recipient’s last name as entered when uploaded
  • [[profile-name]] will display the profile’s names as entered in Business Name in Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design > Brand/Business Name
  • [[profile_url]] will display the profile’s URL as it appears in the top right of the dashboard
  • [[profile_short_url]] will display a shortened URL, intended to lower character count (text message only)
  • [[recipient_custom_field_1]] will display the text entered into the Custom Field box for a given recipient in Dashboard > Invites > Recipients (more info on this field below)


The [[recipient_custom_field_1]] field allows you to set a custom field – unique to individual recipients – that can be used for a variety of purposes – for example:

  • Identifying members of rewards programs
  • Identifying staff who served the recipient
  • Identifying the date of the customer’s transaction
  • Referencing particular products or services purchased by the customer
  • Adding a salutation like Mr. or Mrs.

Setting the Custom Field

You can set the Custom Field before or after uploading a recipient to your campaign.

Before uploading

The process for setting the Custom Field before uploading depends on whether you’re adding recipients individually or in bulk.

If adding individually, simply enter the Custom Field text in the corresponding box when adding.

custom field add a recipient example

If adding recipients in bulk, simply add a column for the Custom Field text to your recipient CSV or XLSX upload. You’ll be able to match the column to the corresponding info during upload.

After uploading

In Dashboard > Invites > Recipients, simply click on the Custom Field box for the recipient to add your text.

custom field recipient list hlt

The end result might look something like this:

custom placeholder email example


Using placeholders in Footers

If you’re using a custom footer in your campaign email, you can add any email placeholder to your footer.