Note: The WordPress plugin requires an API key, which is only available to users with an Agency plan.

Use any of the below attributes alone or in combination to override your default plugin settings.

To add the review stream to your WordPress page or post with your default settings, simply type


where you would like the stream to appear. Omit the quotation marks – they’re placed in these examples to prevent the shortcode from displaying the review stream.


Use this attribute to change the number of reviews displayed. Here’s an example using the shortcode (this example’s default count is set to 5):

[reviewstream count=3]
Most delicious pizza on west coast and Canada. Perfect. Right amount of topping, on spot dough and lovely setting to taste it.
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This attribute will display your review stream in “list” or “carousel” format. For example:

[reviewstream display=carousel]

will show


Marketer and Agency users only. 

Use this attribute to display a review stream from a different landing page in your account. If your default path is “profile-a” but you want to show the stream for “profile-b”, your shortcode would be:

[reviewstream path=profile-b]


Setting this attribute to “true” will display a random selection of reviews. Setting it to “false” will revert to the standard ‘reverse chronological order’ format. For example:

[reviewstream randomize=true]

will show

Is amazing people the two guy the first one pizza man and the guy work on the bar they are amazing I really like this place
Great pizza. Staff is friendly. Service was great too. I really like the vibe here. The space is decorated well it's open and spacious.
Loved the outdoor seating and pizza was absolutely delicious. Service quick and efficient, but not very engaging. Tried two items off the special menu (a...
I got the iPhone 6 plus as my first phone and i chose it mainly because it had a bigger screen compared to the other line of Apple's phones, the phone has gotten considerably slower over time with apps getting more demanding and Apples chip restrictions but otherwise a good phone, also I never had the phone bend which is confusing because allot of people had that problem, have had to replace it with an iPhone X due to dropping the phone and cracking it to a point of no repair.
I been using it everyday and very good. i recommended this iphone 6 plus to anyone looking for something. This iphone can update to IOS 11.0.


Setting this attribute to “true” will display your business’ aggregate rating. Setting it to “false” will remove it. For example:

[reviewstream show_aggregate_rating=true]

will show

WP Plugin Example is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 356 reviews from around the Web.
Nice place, pizza, Margarita, was very good, pasta was ok. Otherwise it's a good place to get pizza and sit outside with cocktail
Try pizza four cheese (Quattro formaggi) and the braven white IPA
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Setting this attribute to “true” will display your reviews. Setting it to “false” will remove the reviews. This attribute is intended for use when you only want to show the aggregate rating – you will typically have the aggregate rating toggled on in your default plugin settings. For example:

[reviewstream show_reviews=false]

will show

WP Plugin Example is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 356 reviews from around the Web.
Showing 6 to 10 of 328 entries
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